Olga Schiff

Olga Schiff

Welcome to my page! Here you can find few words about my skills and hobbies. Check menu on the left side, feel free to surf and have a nice time!

My name is Olga

Hi! My name is Olga and this is my personal website.
I have a lot of talents and I would like to introduce some of them to you.

First, I was graduated from Rostov State University at 2003 as a mathematician and then I have spent 10 years arranging art events — concerts, festivals, exhibitions and performances.

Then I graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts at 2013 as an art-manager and since then I work … as a web-programmer.

So, I look for algorithms arranging art events and I look for art arranging web sites. 


I have arranges some concerts at Rostov-on-Don, where I live and in some other cities. Here is my favorite one (actually, there were a lot of them)

Pustye Holmi

The largest free open air music and arts festival in Russia, made by volunteers at 2003-2011. I arranged a theater scene at 2009-2010 there — more then 30 performances for three days.

Silence Investigation Festival

A small one-day festival I have arranged at Rostov with my friends Sascha Fendy (Rostov) and Kei Nakano (Yokohama). It was a mix of photo exhibition, music and performance in 2014


I have more then 10 years of practice creating and optimizing web-sites. Here’s only some of my favorites I have done.

Would you like to ask me about, order me a website?


I’ve got my first camera when I was… er… 12? or around. It was FEDII of my grandfather and I never stopped taking pictures since then. 

I worked as a stage photographer at different magazines and websites, I had several exhibitions and I also have a book of my photos printed. 

Here some of my favorite photos. 

If you liked you can find some more photos here

Also I’m a Master at Guru Shots

Contact me!

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